All of our products are available for business use.
We also produce a range of OEM sesame products.
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Product Info & Recipe

Roasted Sesame Seeds

We have white, black and gold sesame. Wadaman Sesame's trademark is it's roundness. By roasting the sesame-seeds three times( low-temp→high-temp→low-temp) and using the maximum affect of the sesame oil, the shape becomes perfectly round. These procedure makes the texture crispy and aromatic. Available for business use. OEM arrangement is also available by changing the roasting level.

Sesame Paste

We make our sesame paste by careful grinding(more than 5 times by millstone) on roasted sesame-seeds. Made from 100% quality sesame. Use it for a variety of purposes including jam, sauce, various types of cooking or cakes. It gives a savory taste to your dishes. Also you can enjoy it as it is. Many of our customers highly recommend this product. Available for business use and OEM.

Sesame Oil

Using only the best quality golden sesame-seeds selected in the world. Also we only use the first squeezed oil. It's a very luxurious products. Good for salad and last touch for cooking. Available for business use and OEM.

Sesame Jam

Black sesame and kidney bean based jam. The appetizing aroma of the sesame is it's characteristic. Enjoy it spreading on the bread.

Sesame Dressing

Two types available. Golden sesame dressing and Black sesame dressing. Using rare and precious Japanese sesame-seeds. It's richness will surely satisfy you. No additives.

Sesame Sprinkle

A blend of aromatic golden sesame-seeds, umeboshi(dried pickled plum) and dried wakame seaweed. A perfect seasoning for vegetarian. We have another Furikake which is blended from 7 black ingredients (black sesame, black rice and so on).
Highly nutritious. Available for business use and OEM.

Tasted Sesame Seeds

Sesame flavored with soy-sauce and bonito. Just pour and mix with salad or boiled vegetables and will change dishes to traditional Japanese "Goma-Ae".
Very simple and delicious. Available for business use and OEM.


Makes the plate good perfume by sesame mixed seasoning. Putting on rice, pasta, soup etc. any kinds of cuisine. Available for business use and OEM.


Enjoy delicious Sesame cookies, Karintou and Sesame cracker etc which are with full of Sesame aroma.